God Loves You

I have been reading so many reports about domestic violence and I find it so heart breaking that so many women doesn’t realize that they don’t deserve to be hit or cheated on. Sense this ministry has begun I have received e-mails from so many women that are hurting and ashamed because they have done this or that but let me point out to you that God doesn’t hate you and God isn’t ashamed of you. One young woman that I have been helping, I told her listen God hates your sin but God sent his only begotten son to die on a cross for you. See it doesn’t matter if you have committed bestiality, or have been in a porno, or you have been a prostitute God loves you.

So many women are being beat up because they feel this is the best I can do or this guy will change but I am not trying to hurt you but there isn’t one single reason why a woman needs to be hurt or cheated on. So many women have got a self-worth that is lower than scum but why? Women realize you are very dear to God and you deserve just as many blessings as a guy does. Men we need to start treating women with love, compassion, mercy, grace, understanding and kindness. So many women are hurting inside wondering if God does care or if God does listen because they go to bed feeling trapped, alone, crying, so desperately wanting to feel loved. Where are the men of God? A woman of God should never have to feel as if their just a piece of meat for their husband to have fun with and a woman of God should never feel like they’re just a sex toy for their husbands.
Men of God we need to start praying and really loving our wives like Christ loved his bride. Some things I say might offend some people but I am honest. Almost every woman I have met that is gay was deeply hurt by a man. If we want to see the power, authority and the love of God come into our homes we must start walking in the spirit of God to where we don’t just talk about the blessings of God in our homes we see the blessings of God in our homes. This can be possible if we will just start walking in humility and the fear of God.
I have pointed out so many times we need to be Faithful, Accountable and Teachable all the time. So many older men don’t realize that we need to learn from you, so many younger men need to realize that you don’t have all the answers. If you don’t know how to get this power or anointing in your home just cry out to Jesus Christ. So many times people don’t realize Jesus is wanting to hear from you, he loves you. Woman of God, I am so sorry you’re hurting and you feel unloved. I would love to buy all of you roses and let you know that you are very valuable to life. See the word of God is our Manuel to life but do we really want to humble ourselves and do what it says?

See God gave us his word to meditate on, learn from and mature in to who Christ has called us to be but so many men and woman claim they just don’t have time but the word of God is where you can get strength to learn how to walk away from an abuser, the word of God can teach you how to love someone, or how to walk in the power of God. See before I got saved most people knew that I walked in A lot of hate and I wasn’t afraid to let people know it. In fact before I got saved I enjoyed people being fearful of me because I hated people in general. So I have had to walk through A lot of pain to understand that God has said it’s time to forgive now Tim.

See men it’s not too late to treat your wife with love, compassion, mercy and grace. Women it’s not too late to say I don’t deserve to be hit or raped or beat on any more, I deserve to be loved, and Men do you want to be treated with trust, love and respect? Then ask your selves am I giving my wife what I want in return? See men you can pretend to be a man of God and you can pretend to your friends how great of a man of God you are but you can’t hide from God. Women when you die, wouldn’t it be heart breaking if God said I had a wonderful life for you planned out but you stayed with an abusive man or you became gay because you didn’t trust me at all and now all I can say is I never knew you. See if this touches your heart than please pray for others because domestic violence is sick and cruel but well hidden. Remember this always Jesus truly does love you.

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