Most of you who know me or know about me know that I am a former Satanist and psychic.

So many Christians are falling into the trap of wanting to look at Halloween as something cute and something adorable. Instead of casting down thoughts and imaginations, not only are so many seeing paranormal shows as just a form of entertainment but so many are now believing that not all spirits are all evil because ghosts are friendly and ghost are something cute but what about what God says?

So many want to dress up like a sexy witch and proclaim they are cool with blood dripping off their teeth, or it’s sad how many want to look like a zombie because they are supposed to be cool but no matter how well you sugarcoat evil, evil is just that, it is evil.  So many Christians I talk to don’t realize no matter how sexy, beautiful, lustful, compassionate or caring you make evil it is still evil. The devil appeared as an angel of light, so why would we pretend to make Halloween look so sweet and innocent?

Look at anti-freeze, it looks so beautiful to look at, it smells so yummy and it sparkles when light hits it but isn’t it shocking that just one little drop can kill a human, child or animal in just a short amount of time? When you partake in the day of the beast you are drinking poison to your very soul. Can your soul really prosper and grow closer to Christ when you partake in the day of the beast? Can you really battle something that you are celebrating with demons? If you are celebrating Halloween you are celebrating with demons; this is why Satanists, witches, mediums, psychics, witch doctors and those deep in the cults know it is the day to celebrate evil, so why are you claiming to do warfare with something you are inviting in your home and life? Can you really expect to do warfare when you are reinforcing demonic powers in your life?

Time to get real church…