A Psychic Discovers Jesus – Tim Thompson

“A Psychic Discovers Jesus” is the testimony of Tim Thompson, someone who went deep into occultism and was in and out of psych wards and rehab centers. How he came to Christ and finally found his place in the Body of Christ will be an inspiration to all those who truly seek a personal relationship with the living God.

Suicide Spirit – Tim Thompson

So many people ask why their loved one would want to commit suicide or did commit suicide. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I tried to take my own life several times and I have known several people that did take their life. I have personally had to battle with this demon for 22 years and one thing I discovered is this demon is like no other demon. So in this book I hope to expose this demon and explain why he is so powerful. Suicide has destroyed countless lives and is still working at destroying so many others lives. I hope and pray that reading this book will give you a better understanding of this spirit called suicide. In my first book, A PSYCHIC DISCOVERS JESUS, I explained the dangers of opening your self to demonic powers, but in this book, I hope will take you deeper in to understanding the reality of John 10:10. God the loving father cares deeply about you and only wants the very best for you in life.

Demons Exposed – Tim Thompson

So many Christians live in a world of defeat, hopelessness, poverty, despair, frustration, strife, anger, lack and depression Because they don’t realize there are satanic forces that are out to destroy them. The word clearly states Gods people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. In this book what your about to read my shock you, bother you and repulse you but this book wasn’t written to entertain you but to help you see that there is a spiritual battle that is going on right now that is much more intense than you or I can imagine because we are talking about thousands of souls. So the hour is now to raise the standards in your home, business and churches and fight the good fight of faith. God wants to reveal the deep things in his heart for you to see. God has also called you to live in victory and to help others live in victory, are you ready to receive it?

When Evil Whispers – Tim Thompson

What you’re about to read is a book based on a young man who moves into a new town with his parents. Feeling lonely and homesick, he soon meets a young woman who he falls in love with. But then he realizes all his friends and this young woman he’s in love with are all Satanists. Because he didn’t want to be lonely he ended up doing many evil things just to be accepted, to the point he rejected all morals and ethics. Then he made a shocking discovery about the name Jesus Christ. This book is very intense and not to be taken lightly.


Demons Summoned – Tim Thompson

Counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, police officers, judges, pastors, evangelists, and teachers–all have puzzled over the seemingly impossible and heinous crimes they see. What could cause a teen to rape and murder an elderly woman? How could a woman put her own baby in boiling water? How could parents feed their child to a pit-bull dog? How could a mother beat her precious child to death with a hammer? How could a person rape and murder an infant? How could a young child brutally stab another child? How could a person murder an innocent baby and then eat it? What so many don’t realize is that when you open a portal to a demon spirit any evil can happen.

Demonic Torture to Spiritual Freedom – Tim Thompson

“Before Tim got saved he was in 7 different mental wards, 6 rehabs and attempted suicide 5 times. He ministers the Love, power and hope in Jesus Christ to date with 21 years of deliverance and 14 years teaching others how to do spiritual warfare. Tim is a professional consultant in demonology; he is an exorcist, helps people with paranormal problems and demonic hauntings. He is also a speaker, teacher and an author of several books, namely, A Psychic Discovers Jesus, Suicide Spirit, Demons Exposed, When Evil Whispers and Demons Summoned. He has appeared on CBN 700 Club, Local TBN channel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, plus several radio programs through the United States on various radio stations and had his story printed in Charisma Magazine, November 2010.”

Even Demons Fear His Name – Tim Thompson

“This book is about a young black witch that was encountering the power of Evil but then witnessed Christ love.She made a decision to follow seek after the heart of Christ and listen to a pastor that had a desire to see those deep into Satanism, witchcraft, mediums, psychics, Tarot card readers, palm and body ready get saved plus he wanted to see those who were deeply involved in the Quija board or black magic get saved, but not only get saved but learn how to walk in the authority, power, love and compassion of…”


What Satanists Don’t Want You To Know: Workbook – Tim Thompson

“Tim was a Satanist and a psychic for several years. Today he is a sought-after speaker and a professional consultant in demonology, paranormal consultant, teacher, evangelist and author of several books, namely, A Psychic Discovers Jesus, Suicide Spirit, Demons Exposed, When Evil Whispers, Demons Summoned and Demonic Torture to Spiritual Freedom and Even Demons Fear His Name. “


Truth: Do You Really Know Jesus Christ? – Tim Thompson

“What you’re about to read is a book about a young man that lived with his parents that were used to living in defeat and never seem to have any real breakthroughs till one day they met a pastor that taught them there’s a huge difference between knowing about Christ compared to knowing who really Christ is. Publishers Note Bryan’s story is a very graphic description of his experiences with satanists and may be too intense for younger readers. Parents use caution”