I felt the need to expose sexual abuse toward young women and men because so many young woman and men are being harmed by people who should be protecting them. I have met countless woman that live in shame, disgrace, humility, insecurities, fears, mental, emotional and spiritual problems because they have been sexually abused. So many woman that are prostitutes, or fell in to getting involved in porn someway, getting involved in S.M. or getting in to a relationship that has domestic violence issues were most likely sexually abused. So many guys that have been sexually abused become gay.

We need to wake up and protect our little ones because the beast wants to destroy as many little people as he can. We need to start praying for the little ones in our neighborhood, our church and any one that is in our lives.

I have had several sex addicts e- mail me and wonder if they will ever find love because of things they have done to themselves either sexually or physically to deal with the disgrace and humiliation of being sexually abused. In our society so many woman and men at times have become known as cutters, these people would rather cut themselves and feel its pain than deal with the pain of being sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually abused.

What is so sad about these people is they live in a world of pain and torment as if their world is all dark and there’s no hope.

If you have gone through any type of severe abuse or you have had to live through a severe tragedy realize you are not alone. God loves you and he feels your pain and he sees the torment you’re going through. Please don’t live in isolation any more in your heart and mind, cry out to Jesus Christ because he really does care about what you’re dealing with and he really does love you.

Another young man that was sexually abused thought he would find that sexual peak by getting into Erotic asphyxiation and he ended up killing himself. See so many people who have been sexually abused do want to find that ultimate love and escape all at the same time so they will try many methods but here’s the problem you will never find true peace, joy, love, understanding and healing until you come to Christ Jesus.

I am not going to lie, it will take a lot of work to be healed but you can be set free from all those tormenting thoughts, nightmares and pain through Christ. So many ministries try to sugar coat this or that by almost wanting to sweep the pain of people under the carpet but we want to expose it and help people be set free from it.

I realize at times the things I discuss on this web site many don’t want to even think about and here I am writing about them but brothers and sisters in the lord we need to realize people don’t wake up one morning and say today is a good day to die or to murder. Through pain and undealt with sins people have turned their life over to Satan.

Ted Bundy the famous serial killer played with cars and trucks when he was little, someone shared with him twice about things in the bible see are we really letting a dying society know there is hope?

So many people and pastors say we want people saved but when someone comes to you with a major problem are you still going to love and accept them like Christ or will you turn them away and claim they need to go to another church?

See we need to start living like Christ and quit talking about Christ, I have heard well over a thousand sermons but so very few people live like Christ. I believe I would have gotten saved several years earlier if a true spirit filled Christian would have reached out to me.

See it’s easy to talk about our weapons of warfare, how often do you use them? If there was ever a time to really show Christ love the hour is now.


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