Dear pastor Tim,

I was a severe sex addict, I have been married twice, both marriages destroyed because my first husband I would wake up asking him to make love to me in the middle of the night but as time went on he couldn’t go to work on little sleep so he ended up sleeping on the coach so he left me when I went to wake him up out there as well.

My second husband caught me so many times playing with myself, sometimes while he was asleep next to me. I was told by my husband I need help so he said we need to talk to the pastor but the pastor said I can’t help you. so he said go see a psychologist but I knew it was a spiritual battle.

I imagined making love to you but then I thought this is wrong but I loved imagining being with you. So I finally contacted you and you said I can free so you said I could call you. Ever since you prayed with me I have been set free no more do I look at the fingers of mannequins as sex objects and no more are wine or beer bottles sex objects.

You are right, earth shaking things are breaking in the spirit. I am happily married now thank you.

Before Tim’s testimony my son was an alcoholic drug addict, overdosed on drugs 3 times, been in jail several times but after he talked to Tim he is now a Christian and a recovering Alcoholic, drug addict and has stayed out of jail for the last 5 or 6 years now. Praise the Lord for Tim and our Lord he is good all the time he will never leave you nor forsake you. Prays do get answered.

I was thinking about donating $25.00 to your ministry, but I was going to go pay some bills first. When I went outside, there was a $20.00 bill on the windshield of my truck. Wow! I just had to share this with you.God bless you Pastor Tim! Laren

I want you to know I pray for your ministry. I’ve been threw some the demonic stuff I understand how some of it happened some I don’t but I recall very well how the Lord had me to fight threw it and believe one day he’ll use what I went threw to help others threw me.
I’ve been places and had demons poke me, I don’t understand it all but I have learned the Lord helped me physically and spiritually fight demons off me the Lord has taught me how to love the least of these as I was one and also to reconcile the called Christians tearing each other apart I’m believing it’s all for a reason. I see and reconcile it and to see these things I’ve also found its a lonely place because when you speak people treat you and look at you like your speaking Spanish because they dont see spiritual stuff.
I believe the Lord is teaching me. So I want to let you know that one’s like me need the maturity of your ministry for our growth as well as those your being used to free thank you…..M

I have heard stories like this too many times to where another young person takes their life, and even had this touch my family.

Realized after reading the book “Suicide Spirit” by Tim Thompson, that it’s demons that deceive us with the comforting  lie that it will all be ok once we end our life…..



Thank you Thank you Thank you… I just read when evil whispers.

I was raised in the church. My stepfather was a pastor. My ex- husband was a pastor. I’m a minister I read it because I know I have a deliverance ministry. I now understand so much more…

Bless you my brother I appreciate you taking the time to write these books…

You’re a blessing to the body of Christ……



Thank you Pastor Tim!

I was very touched by your testimony. I myself used to be very confused about things like aliens and spirit guides. Listening to your testimony helped to put everything in perspective. I pray to one day know the Jesus that you know.

May God bless your ministry because you have helped so many people!

Dear Tim:
I have been thinking about the books you are writing and the flack you get constantly, mainly from people who consider themselves to be Christian leaders. I told you that in my opinion, you have created a whole new genre (pronounced “john-reh”). This genre is that of “Christian pornography.”

That very term may be termed an oxymoron. “Oxymoron” means something that is seemingly self-contradictory. Many of your books deal directly with the sins of pornography—not just visual pornography, but descriptive pornography. It describes things that are the direct opposite of holiness and sacred. Yet they depict interventions in those situations by Jesus Christ which turn them away from those sins toward righteousness.


When the passage is taken as a whole, it becomes obvious that the sins this passage refers to directly are the sins of “religious” people. They involve primarily their system of false worship. Jesus describes the same thing in Mathew, chapter 23. Ezekiel also followed this line of thinking after receiving the revelation described in Ezekiel chapter 8. However, while these passages deal with the sins of Israel, God’s people, after Christ, the Gospel was preached to a wider audience, namely, the Gentiles.

The Apostle Paul described in detail the sins of the Gentiles in Romans chapter 1:16-32. Then in the next chapter, he turns to the Jews, “God’s people,” and makes it clear that while they know these things are sin, their lives are no different from the lives of the godless Gentiles, and therefore they bear even more guilt than the Gentiles when they commit those same sins.

The basic difference between the sins referred to in the Bible (see Leviticus, chapter 18) and what you depict in your books is that you are “modernizing” these passages, showing the sins of the modern day. And you do so in a way that they cannot be mistaken! You deal directly with the demonic, and that’s why your books are described as “intense, gross, challenging, etc.” as well as “inspiring.” The nature of fallen man tends to the demonic, even though there are also positive elements in fallen man.
Summing it up, we all need Jesus! He is truly the Way, the Truth and the Life! Think of the miracles of changed lives you are seeing! Even physical healings are granted you by God as evidence of the holiness of your message. I hope these words will encourage you and help you to be ever faithful to the Lord. Remember, “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” KJV.

God bless you, Tim,
Dr. Dean Helland

Hello, Mr. Thompson.
I wanted to write u and thank u for hitting the darkness head on as u do.
My husband, although he read your book, committed suicide last year. He simply did not apply what you said to his life. There were other reasons for this as well. He had long-standing mental illness and I believe he had allowed not just the spirit of suicide, but one other one to work in his life despite the fact he was a Christian.
He never let God have the darkest places, mostly because I believe he was afraid. He is with Jesus now, and that is all that matters to me. Once out spirit is sealed, nothing can touch it, despite what we allow to affect our souls. His soul was split in a way, I think u will understand what I mean. Now he is free and no darkness followed him where he went.

Thank you for your hard work and fighting the good fight. It’s time to push back the darkness and take back territory. All this experience has done is made me mad at Satan. I want to take as many people from him as I can. After all, he only has the power we give him. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am writing a book about this experience myself. I have learned much about my husband, myself and our loving Father.

Dear Tim,
I am only 18 so I don’t know what to say but I have been so fascinated in evil things for years and I just wanted to be accepted. I was really wanting to be a witch so I was learning spells and drawing pentagrams but then you pointed out that even though the majority of most churches want to fear evil, demons, demon names and fear evil you tell everyone about Jesus Christ. So I decided to check this out and I am so excited about you and your ministry because I even tell my friends about you because you lived it for years, you enjoyed seeing demons move things and you called them friends.
But no matter what people say you make it clear Jesus Christ name is above every name so why fear spells curse or threats. So as I because to understand just who Christ is I began to understand real power. I no longer dabble in anything but it’s been almost a year now but to speak Jesus Christ name is like pushing back everything you don’t want in your life all because of the power in his name. Thank you pastor T.

Dear pastor Tim,
I wanted to share this, I used to love sex, in fact, my whole life was based on sex. I felt empty inside but I loved sex but then one day I heard you say that gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol and a good paying job will leave you feeling empty, but Jesus Christ will fill your emptiness. When then I decided let’s invite Christ in and really seek the heart of God, it was amazing the more I sought a relationship with Christ the more I felt that emptiness go away.
Today 3 years later I am walking in a greater peace, joy, and satisfaction than I have ever so thank you. You are right seeking the heart of God changing everything.

Dear pastor Tim,

I want to thank you for taking the time to care about people who have tried things most can’t imagine.

See, when I was about 16 years old I got a 5 foot bunny given to me and one night I was sleeping with it and it touched my breast and it felt great. Well pretty soon I found myself wanting to have sex with it more and more because of the pressures of being a teen.

At age 18 I went to work for a department store and I had to dress the mannequins, well one night I felt stressed out so I took the hand of one of the mannequins and used it to masturbate. I knew it wasn’t right but I enjoyed it. As the months went by I kept doing this.

Well I was offered a job taking care of adult phone calls to where I got paid pretty good just talking sleazy to guys and girls. Well as I would play with myself on the phone I started wondering if the person on the other line would hold me if I was depressed or what if I was hurting would they even care.

I went one day for a photoshoot but they didn’t want pictures of me but of my nude body so I left. Feeling depressed and not knowing what to do, I got on my laptop and started to just search for answers. Then I saw a video of you on YouTube and decided to seek you out for some strange reason.

Well when I saw you reach out to people who have had sex with mannequins I thought wow, who is this person? Then as I began to read more about you I realized you were for real. As I began to realize that I am valuable with your help and I can be loved, I began to realize there’s much more to my life then I realized.

Your testimony has deeply blessed and touched my life. Today I am a Christian and free from sexual addiction. I tried to tell others about what I did but they told me I need professional help.

Thank you for pointing out Jesus Christ is the answer. Thank you again.


Dear pastor Tim

Thank you, yes thank you.  So many leaders are talking about everyone being happy and living blessed but when you want to share something about something demonic they don’t want to hear about it, so thank you for exposing demonic powers. Keep preaching because I am listening and growing…. Mark


 Pastor Tim

My pastor said you are too intense and your website was scary so I asked him, if Pastor Tim doesn’t preach to the Satanist, occultist, mediums, psychics, and those deep into black magic who will?  Every time I read your posts I grow in the things of God but I am just saddened how many claim to be Christians but claim you are wrong because they claim walking in fear and being terrified of demonic power is normal.

Thank you for teaching me to tell the enemy to shut up, in Christ Jesus amen.   Linda



Dear Pastor Tim

I used to be one of those Christians that was a coward and didn’t want to offend anyone but then my children started saying we need to doubt the enemy and believe the bible like Pastor Tim says to do.

Within a short time I realized my children walk in more power and authority than my own pastor.  My pastor can quote the word but doesn’t believe in the power behind it, we are all walking in blessings and we left that church. I realize now if a person wants to attend a dead church that’s their problem not mine.

Be blessed  Mike D.



Dear Pastor Tim

I was a transvestite, I desired men all the time.  I was a slave to my sexual addiction to men.  Now since you prayed for me it has been over a year and I am free from all sexual sins and now I want to be married to a woman.  I now am attracted to women.

I can’t thank you enough.  When I talked to other ministries about my sexual addiction to wanting another guy to have sex up my butt, so many would say so and so would help you.

But you loved and accepted me and now I am free thank you and God bless……J



Dear Pastor Tim

I was a black witch; I was heavy in to sorcery and trusted the Tarot cards.  One day as I was searching on the web just goofing off I saw this testimony of a person that wanted to communicate with his dead brother and hated God but then discovered Jesus.

When, as I began to read this story, I thought it was a story about Jesus being a psychic and stargazer because so many talk about Jesus that way.  So as I read your story it brought me to tears and I then wanted to know if I could know this Jesus.  So I just said, “Jesus Christ will you love me?”

Two years later I discovered I do deserve to be loved and I am valuable.  Pus I am now a spirit filled Christian, so thank you so much for being there for people like me to find real hope in Jesus Christ.




Dear Pastor or Reverend or whatever I am supposed to call you

I just want to say thank you.

I am or was a well-known psychic and witch.  See, I loved going to a playground and speaking curses over this playground and watching children get hurt.  I enjoyed others misery because I was treated so badly as a child.

See, I grew up in a very strict and religious home so when I finally grew up I hated everything about God so I became a witch knowing I could put others through misery.

But then when I read your testimony and saw how many churches and Christians rejected you but you still wanted to know Jesus Christ I knew then that the Jesus I knew wasn’t the one you talked about and today I am washed in the blood of the lamb and free from guilt and hate.

Thank you for being a friend to those that are deep into evil, to share hope and love to them because they are hurting inside……..Tina



Dear pastor Tim

My pastor said I should share my story with you, I know it’s a long one but I feel you should hear about it.

I was a black witch and I was very good at putting on séances because I could communicate very well with spirits.  Well one day when I got up in the morning, as I was sitting there thinking about my day, it popped in my head, ”What if a psychic wrote a book about Jesus?”

Well I went to get in the shower and I heard my spirit guide say, “That is stupid, let’s not research this we have better things to do”.  But I couldn’t get it out of my head, what if a real psychic met Jesus! What would they say or do or even ask him?

So I went on line and started to research this and all of a sudden several psychics claimed Jesus was a psychic but then I saw a book called A PSYCHIC DISCOVERERS JESUS and you were the author.  So I thought who is this guy and the deeper and deeper I got to know you the more I wanted to know so I kept my search up for over an hour and then I heard your testimony and I just cried for over an hour listening to how much pain you were in and then knowing that over and over, church after church rejected you  because you were a former psychic and Satanist.

But then you continually pointed out that Jesus Christ loves sinners and forgives them, plus Jesus Christ really does want to hold the most wicked, perverted  and ruthless people there is and just let them know he loves them and died for them. So since, I got saved and discovered Jesus loves me and accepts me.

So thank you for your ministry and loving people like me be blessed …….Star



Dear pastor Tim

I am 19 now but when I was 16 I was getting ready to take my life, I saw no hope for my life and I saw no reason to live.  Then I was attending a youth group but since my parents divorced I was filled with sadness and depression.

My youth pastor and my mom knew things were bad but they ran out of ideas to help me so I had the suicide letter, and all my clothes washed, music planned for the funeral. Then the week before the big day I saw a book on line called SUICIDE SPIRIT, so I ordered the book just wanting to get an idea of why do I feel so strong at times I need to die.

Well I got the book and it changed my life, for the first time I found hope.  I repented of all my sins and wanting to take my life and two years later I am planning on going to school to be a youth pastor and work with troubled teens.

Thank you…Angel


Pastor Tim

Hello my name is Mark

I read your book called Demons Exposed, at first I thought you were just a joke till I realized you are the real thing, everything you talk about is real.  Then I noticed you give all credit over and over again to the power and love of Jesus Christ.

See I was a Satanist seeking power but then got saved but as the years went by I had no one to turn to about Demons and not one pastor had any knowledge of Demons.  So my life seemed empty and so many Christians just like me live a life of defeat with no answers.  Then I read your book and now I am teaching others that we are not called to live a life of defeat but victory.

So thank you for sharing the truth in love and thank you for being in demonology. Thank you again, be blessed pastor Tim

From Mark your brother in Christ



Dear pastor Tim

If you want to share this you can.

This is my story of how you helped me.  When I was young I knew I wasn’t pretty at all and most found me unattractive.  Well, when I got into my teens I discovered masturbating made me feel good, so I started using tools, beer bottles, wine bottles and wooden spoons as sex objects.

Well as time went on I thought I should see what it’s like to have sex with my dog since not one guy would want me.  At first it was a horrible thing to do but as time went on I didn’t feel so bad about having sex with animals.

Then one day I shoved something up my butt and from that moment on I couldn’t wait to shove anything up my anus.  Sometimes I would bleed and other times it would hurt but I liked that feeling of control and things up my anus.

Then one day I was searching the web and I found a book called Demons Exposed, so I ordered it and to my shock so many thing you discuss are so true and so revealing that I knew I had to question is this what my life is supposed to be like?

Well after reading that book I repented of several sins and I stopped doing anything sexual to myself, plus I joined a fitness center. Then one day while at work a man said wow you are looking good, you have lost weight haven’t you? This was the first time I heard a man say something nice to me.

Well I am still sexually free from sin and I am still at the fitness center working out but I want to thank you because of you I have learned that sex can control you if you don’t control its desires.  Because of you reaching out and wanting to help I am free from my sexual addictions.

Thank you and it’s been over a year now since I last sinned sexually, so thank you again.   T


Dear pastor Tim

I dont know if you are like a priest or what but I was a phone sex operator, yes, I took in calls and sexually turned men on for good money. but then when I read your comments on what sex isn’t I thought wow what am I doing.?

These guys call me and I talk dirty to them for money and some have even admitted to me on a Saturday night I need to make this a quick call because I have to get up tomorrow and go to church.

I thought church was a joke but I feel the love you have for people like me is real so I investigated it and discovered that this Jesus Christ who you love is real and he loves me.

I am no longer working at that job so thank you for your genuine love.  Kelly


Pastor Tim

I was just a housewife with just a basic life thinking what good can I do?  .Ever since I went to your website, I realize now I don’t have to have an ugly past to be used by God, I just need to walk in humility and love.

Now I am volunteering and helping aa group leader mentoring to young ladies about how to pray, cook, and clean.

Thank you pastor Tim for being so real.

Be Blessed your friend Nikki




Hello my friend

Really need to share this with you. Shawn has a lot of respect for you and always asks me what would Tim say?  Ask Tim mom.  I really believe he feels really connected to you, I am sure it has something to do with the fact that he has been through what he has been through and is so eager to learn more and it is his calling but also feel there is some connection in the spirit, that might sound strange …

Today we were talking about how to deal with people, when you angry, when they hurt you etc and how to handle persecution, he has had a lot of it already in his Christian walk, and I said everything must be done in love. I was then led to say to him, you know, Tim is persecuted all the time, I said to him you should see how many people attack him on Facebook and are really nasty to him and don’t like him because of his past. And he is always being faced with people who are nasty and can be really cruel to him. And he said to me what does Tim do? I said to him he shows them love and is kind and does not attack back and never judges them. He was quiet for a while and then said, mom that is how I want to be. I want to be able to be just like Tim.

My friend, I am sharing this with you because I want you to know what an incredible calling you have and how you do and can have and do affect so many lives and what an incredible job you are doing.



You took the time out of your busy life to thank me for the donation. I will continue to support your ministry with my funds throughout the years. God bless you and your work. The Lord is a Provider. I always look forward to reading your daily Facebook post. It gives me hope for a lost friend through Witchcraft and Black Magic……….anh



I just read ….. WHEN EVIL WHISPERS…… Eye opening.   If you want to know how satan affects people and whole communities you need to read this. But let me warn you, you need to pray because it is hard to read……..Be blessed Debbie


I have all these books by Tim Thompson and I would highly recommend these books to all those who are going through a bondage and tormenting life and need help and someone to reach out to them in love.

Jesus is waiting for you and will give you a love that is beyond what man or woman can give you.

I also recommend that all Christians and believers to read these books as they will open your eyes and mind to the true demonic attacks upon all walks of people both believer and non-believer. I have read them and since I have I also have gained more knowledge as to who and what my real true enemy is while I am waiting for Jesus to come and take us home to be with Him.

God wants us to know our enemy and his evil ways so that we are not remaining ignorant to the devils tricks, deceptive ways and thinking that he always tries to put into our thinking to cause us to falter and sin.

So yes I say get all of them if you are able to and cover your mind and whole being in the blood of Jesus and ask God to give you the understanding and wisdom as you read them and apply the necessary steps to keep the devil out and Jesus in. This way he cannot use any of his tricks against you while you are reading and gaining much needed knowledge.

In Jesus name Father open their minds and hearts to receive of you through these books in a supernatural way that they will learn of their enemy (Satan) and know how to keep him rendered helpless against them and their loved ones. In Jesus name surround each one with warring angles to protect and ministering angles from heaven to minister wisdom and understanding to them as they read Thank you Father for your grace and mercy and love for your sons and daughters. We love you so much.

And thank you Tim for the boldness to put this vital information in print for all to read and know to have the opportunity to apply this information to their lives and in the lives of others all for the glory of God our Father. God bless you so much my friend and may He open the portals of heaven and rain down bountiful blessings over you and your new wife as you move forward doing His will and in love. Love you my friend and asking all the blessings of heaven over you for all that you do for the kingdom and the Father’s will.



Pastor Tim……….I want to share something that has deeply affected my life, in all the years I have been a christian nobody ever told me that my thoughts inside of my head may not be mine but a spirit talking to me.

I have really had to battle with thoughts of suicide and worthlessness.  So I took your advice and started pleading the blood of Christ over my mind, well to my surprise all those thoughts that I thought were mine are gone for the very first since I got saved I am free, yes free.


Thank you pastor Tim




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Please email him at timthompson74@gmail.com and share your testimony or email him on the website.



Pastor Tim I saw your video on portals and started to realize what I feel inside isn’t right so I watched your video and then seeked you out and found your web site so I said the sinners prayer thank you for sharing truth……….Mark


Thanks Tim for the message in Gods Vision on forgiveness …

I have never felt worthy of Jesus forgiveness ..I always put myself down , and never think I’m good enough …I’ve been praying for forgiveness for along time , being catholic I thought I would have to go through a priest to be forgiven , but I just couldn’t bring myself to go to confession . But after reading what you wrote for the 1st time in ages , I feel as if Im as free as a bird …a heavy weight of my shoulders …thank you so very much