About the Ministry

Exposing the Darkness is a ministry that reaches out to those who are living in torment, living in bondage to addictions, or living day to day with a broken heart. Many are seeing or hearing strange and demonic things or having strange or demonic things happen in their lives. Most don’t realize Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and restore those that are severely broken.

Tim’s mission to reach out to those who are experiencing the burdens that befell him once before, to put them to an end for good. He ministers the Love of Jesus Christ, to date with 26 years of deliverance and deep spiritual warfare and 26 years teaching others on how to do deep spiritual warfare.

Tim is a professional consultant in demonology, speaker, and author of 12 books including, A Psychic Discovers Jesus, Suicide Spirit, Demons Exposed, When Evil Whispers, Demons Summoned, Demonic Torture to Spiritual Freedom, Even Demons Fear His Name, Do you know the Truth?, a manual called What Satanists Don’t Want You to Know, and Run to the Battle.

He has appeared on CBN 700 Club, various radio stations and had his story printed in Charisma Magazine, November 2010.

Through Christ’s love and compassion, you can be set free and restored
even if you have strange or bizarre addictions.

Many are thinking and wondering, “Is there hope for me?” They are asking themselves, “Can I truly be forgiven?”, or “Can I be normal again?”

No matter how evil or wicked the sin is you can be forgiven. No matter if you were deep into occultism, Voodoo, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, Black Magic, racism, porn, prostitution, sorcery, or committed a violent crime, please realize you can be forgiven because Jesus Christ really did die on a cross for you!

If you’re interested in having Tim speak at your church, convention, seminar or conference, or for a private consultation you can e-mail him at timthompson74@gmail.com.

PO Box 534, Antigo, WI 54409


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