Breaking Soul Ties

So what is a soul tie?

A soul tie is two souls tied together by the spirit. Mainly caused by sex or sexual abuse.

What does the Bible say about soul ties?
The Bible does not directly use the term “soul tie”, but it does say the following in Ephesians 5:31,” For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.”

Here we learn that the connecting of souls was created for husband and wife. Jesus points out the scripture Mark 10:7, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. In the eyes of God “the act of sex is marriage through consummation.”

Every single time an unmarried person has sex they become married to that person. In the Bible, it doesn’t use the word soul tie, but it speaks of them when it talks about souls being knit together as one.

What other ways can soul ties form?
Soul ties can be made by 2 people slitting their hand open so they join hands now and this is a soul tie through a blood covenant, also sexual abuse can cause a soul tie because the souls become one when intercourse takes place.

There are also emotional soul ties to where a person will be so devoted to their mom, dad, brother, sister, child or job that they are so devoted to that person or thing that serving God is second to that person or thing.

I know people who left God and their relationship with Jesus because who they dated or were married to didn’t want any part of God or the knowledge of Jesus around. Or I have met people that were growing in the things of God their life was being blessed in mighty ways but their employer made it clear that Christianity was just a waste of time so they walked away from Jesus because this person’s boss mocked Christianity.

Remember sex joins you as one with another. When you break away it hurts you because the souls have come together as one, this is why so many who are in domestic violence relationships can’t see it because the souls are one now.

How to break a soul tie:
1. If any sins were committed to cause this soul tie, repent of them! Fornication is perhaps one of the most common ways to create nasty soul ties. So many don’t realize that if you masturbate to a picture of an animal or a person a soul tie has now been developed so please repent of this as well.

  1. If you were given anything by the other person that you were in the sin or unholy relationship with, such as rings, flowers, cards, bras, lingerie, sex toys, stuffed animals, whips, chains of any kind, Tarot cards, Ouija board, crystals, dream catcher, pictures, etc. I would strongly suggest you destroy them to where nobody can have them or would want them but if you can’t destroy it bury it deep in the ground! Such things symbolize the ungodly relationship and can hold a soul tie in place.

I have met people who had a close grandma leave her Ouija board to her granddaughter and all of a sudden this woman’s life was being destroyed because of the demonic power coming off if this board. I have also met a young man who was left original pictures of several serial killers and he started developing mental problems.

  1. All vows or commitments made that played a part in forming the soul tie should be renounced and repented of, and broken in Jesus’ name, then sealed in the blood of Jesus Christ. Even things like “I will love you forever”, or “I could never love another man!” need to be renounced. They are spoken commitments that need to be undone verbally. As Proverbs 21:23 tells us, “Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.” The tongue has the ability to bring the soul great troubles and bondage.
  2. Forgive that person if you have anything against them, no matter what it is you must realize that anything unforgiven will cause you to still be tied with them in the spirit.
  3. Renounce the soul tie. Do this verbally, and in Jesus’ name. Example, “In Jesus’ name, I now renounce any ungodly soul ties formed between myself and ______ as a result of _______________ (fornication, etc.).”
  4. Break the soul tie in Jesus’ name! Do this verbally using your authority in Jesus. Example, “I now break, crush, and sever any and all ungodly soul ties formed between myself and _________ as a result of ______________ (fornication, etc.) in Jesus’ name, sealed in the blood of Jesus Christ.


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