Many are cutting themselves wanting to get rid of the pain, rejection, suffering, worry, stress, or emotional highs and lows of life but I want to tell you something; this may be hard to understand or accept, but Jesus Christ isn’t a nice bedtime story, figurine, or just a story, some baby in a manger, or still hanging on a cross; He is the most awesome and loving friend you could ever have, and He wants to take away your pain.

See, life can be very painful and at times it can seem like no-one cares, so with all the pressures put on you, it may seem at times that life is too much. But realize this; your pain will eventually go away, but when you cut yourself those scars will be on your body a very long time, and cutting yourself can be life-threatening.

Before you cut yourself please reach out and ask for help because. You may not know me, but I really do care because there have been several times in my life when not one single person encouraged me to go on or even believed in me.

So, if you feel like you are all alone, I know that feeling. If you feel rejected and unwanted, I know what this feels like too. Please, instead of turning to cutting I am asking you to reach out because even if it seems like no one cares, there are many that do care even if they don’t come out and say it.

No matter if you have been raped, sexually abused, rejected, ignored, made fun of, laughed at, made to feel unwanted, or whatever you are feeling, Jesus Christ is wanting to help you. So please, would you cry out to Him today because He really does love you and you are valuable no matter what you feel, you truly are of great value.


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