Jezebel Spirit

What is a Jezebel Spirit?

What is the Jezebel spirit? Several people have asked me about the spirit of Jezebel, so I felt it was time to write something about this spirit. I believe this spirit is one of the most powerful spirits there is. The reason why this spirit is so powerful is because it’s very cunning and deceptive, it puts the person that it is controlling under a spell as if the person has been vexed or hexed.  This evil spirit has been responsible for not only tearing down churches, getting rid of pastors, and destroying different Christian ministries, but it has also been responsible for breaking murder and cause hundreds to commit suicide.  For those of you who have been affected by this spirit or have encountered this spirit can tell all kinds of heartbreaking stories because when this spirit comes on someone it’s like being blindsided in a major car accident because this spirit is so good at hiding behind the spirit of religion that here the person thinks they are doing such great things for the kingdom of God that they don’t realize that all glory and praise is being given to them and not to Jesus Christ. One of the reasons why it’s so difficult to help a person walking in this spirit is because they don’t realize that this spirit loves to show off and loves attention while convincing the person they are super spiritual and everyone else is wrong.  It loves a lot of attention and it wants to bring all glory to itself, so it is entangled with the spirit of pride and false humility.

So how do you come against this spirit? Walk in humility and don’t allow anyone in any way an opportunity to be exalted or praised no matter what.  Keep all focus and glory on Jesus Christ at all times. This will weaken this spirit’s power to where it will become frustrated and when you see who isn’t walking in the fruit of the spirit it will expose itself.  The reason many deliverance ministers have used the term “Jezebel spirit,” is because of the nature of its personality and the way it operates once it takes over someone. The word “Jezebel” is coming from the Old Testament story of Queen Jezebel back in the days of Elijah. She was a ruling queen back at that time and she was cold-blooded. She killed many of God’s prophets back at the time she was ruling.

Jezebel spirit is one of Satan’s higher-ranking demons. So with it being more intelligent than many of the other demons, this makes this type of spirit much more evil, cunning, and harder to deal with because it has the ability to cause a lot more trouble and destruction if it is not quickly dealt with and cast out.

 The Jezebel spirit, since it is much more intelligent than some of the lower ranking demons are, it is very good at playing head games with people. It wants total control and it is also very good at manipulation and getting people to do its evil bidding. The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:43 that there are levels of wickedness in Satan’s kingdom. And if there are levels of wickedness in his kingdom where some demons are actually more evil than some of the other ones will be, then I believe there are many different levels of intelligence among the demons as well. So we need to realize at all times that spirits are very cunning, baffling, confusing, powerful, wicked, manipulative, controlling, self-seeking and destructive so at all times you need to learn to walk in the spirit to where you allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you even in times of heartache. But the only way to do this is by walking in humility. Then you will have power of this and all spirits.

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