Love is not being controlled,  called filthy names, love is not slapped, cussed at, spit on, punched, kicked, laughed at, made fun of, ridiculed, beat on, having your hair pulled out, being degraded, being made to feel wort less, being forced to having sex, being raped, being burned, being forced to sleep in a dog pen, being forced to sleep in a garage, being wit held food, sleep, clothes, being forced to surrender all your money or your worldly possession , feeling threatened, being manipulated,being lied to, being used, being forced to eat dog or cat food, being cut, being knifed, burned, tortured, being forced to suffer, being forced to wear a dog chain or dog collar, being sodomized, being drugged, forced to lose weight, threatened, being forced to do an thing that is mentally, emotionally, psychical or spiritual that is harmful to you or life threatening. Being forced to do an thing that you feel is mentally, emotionally, spiritually or psychically wrong. Also love is not a being a punching bag for anyone.  Being told you need to lose weight or you need to change the clothes you wear or the way you are, and love is not staying with a spouse that cheats on you with other women or men.

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