Ouija Board

Lately, there seems to be a lot of movies made about an Ouija Board or has an Ouija board in it, plus there are a lot of articles being written about them. But so very few times does anyone really want to discuss how many times its been documented that after a person played with an Ouija board the person went out and committed murder, committed rape, abused a baby to death or went insane claiming that they see faces, ghost, spirits, or dead people.

It is also sad how many have said after playing with an Ouija Board their lives have been a living hell. So many times people have had to seek professional counseling because of tormenting spirits and fear all because they played with an Ouija board.  So many have said there are no words to describe just how evil the Ouija board is.

I had several experiences with the Ouija board but here is just one of my experiences;  Several years ago when I was a Satanist and a psychic I was playing with the board and one night at an abandoned motel me and several witches were playing with an Ouija board and as I was having communication with the spirits, they asked me if they could come inside me and when I said yes, a black hand came out of the board, then the arm, the body and then went inside of me.  15 spirits that night one by one went inside of me. One of my friends peed her pants, another dear friend passed out and three friends took off running. The next day I was homicidal and I was locked up the following day in a mental ward.

It saddens me how many people I personally knew either went out and killed themselves or went insane all because of the Ouija board. See, at first communicating with spirits appears to be fun and seems so harmless but then all of a sudden it seems like all hell is being released over your life. Your refrigerator goes out, car has mechanical problems or electrical problems, now you can’t sleep at night because you hear children laughing when you have no kids, you see a shadow move, doors are opening and closing on their own, you hear doors slamming shut or glass breaking but then you discovered nothing appears broken anywhere. You start hearing voices, or someone screaming but you are home alone. All because you opened the doorway to spirits having a direct contact with you all because you were trying to find peace through the Ouija board or you were just trying to have fun.

I personally knew families that have contacted me and said my child went insane after playing with an Ouija board, or after playing with an Ouija board my life is filled with so many problems now, or Pastor Tim after playing with an Ouija board I am being tormented with fear.  Or Pastor Tim we were playing with an Ouija board but now my child is talking to imaginary friends that bite her.

See, I love sharing my testimony with people all over about Ouija boards because even I went insane because of the board. So no matter how much fun you think the Ouija board would be to play with ask yourself this; is it worth taking the risk of going insane or causing someone I am close to might go insane. It is so shocking how many people have had a paranormal experience because of the Ouija board and now they are getting a divorce, need to sell their home, having emotional, mental or spiritual problems, or their children now are needing to see a professional.

Ouija boards are evil plain and simple


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