http://www.spiritmindbodyconnection.com/events.html ________________________________________________________ Please join us for this exciting event! Feel free to share this link with everyone you know who wants to experience the LOVE of God in CHRIST JESUS!!! Contact information for Pastors and Ministers only please   717-339-9863   gretchen.s.lopez@gmail.com For all others there is a contact form on my website: www.spiritmindbodyconnection.com __________________________________________________________ Please join […]

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Today, Tim makes his life mission to reach out to those who are experiencing the burdens that befell him once before, to put them to an end for good. He ministers the Love of Jesus Christ to date with 19 years of deliverance and deep spiritual warfare and 12 years teaching others how to do […]

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Welcome back everyone! Thank you for you patience during the last few months of website inactivity. However, I am thoroughly delighted to announce that as you can see the website is now up and running again I will be posting lots of new, exciting, informative and inspiring information.

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